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International Shipping Policy

If you want us to Priority Air Mail your order read this first....
When we ship items to customers in the US we have them drop shipped directly from our supplying warehouses but these suppliers won't ship outside the US. When we have an order from outside the US we have the items shipped to our office then we send them to our customers via insured Priority Air Mail. This means you would be charged for the shipping to our office then the shipping to you but it eliminates the Brokerage Fees that are charged by other shippers. You would be charged for the order when it is placed then charged a second time (for the shipping) when the order is shipped from our office to you. We have been doing this for orders sent all over the world and it's worked quite well.

Videos which normally ship free in North America will need to pay $10 USD per order (for one or more videos) for shipping elsewhere.


International Shipping Policy