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Fusor Bare Metal Seam Sealer
Fusor Bare Metal Seam Sealer
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: FUS019
    Price: $49.17
    • Unique acrylic formula bonds directly to bare metal • Fast cure formula cures over 20 times faster than ordinary, brushable seam sealers speeding production throughput • Proprietary color changing formula tells you when the product is curing properly and ready for painting • Saves costly time and materials eliminating the need to prime before sealing
    • Paintable immediately after application with no need to wait for sealer to cure
    • Contains phosphatizing agents, which protect metal from corrosion with no special primers or pre-treatment necessary
    • Outstanding environmental resistance to UV exposure, salt spray and weathering
    • Perfectly matches hard-to-match OEM brush seams
    • Holds brush marks with no sagging
    • Applications: Rear Body Panels, Tail Light Pockets, Under Hood Area, Aprons, Strut Towers, Core Supports, Floor Pan Areas
    • Work Time, minutes @ 70 °F: 6-8
    • Part Paintability, minutes @ 70 °F: Immediately