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Steck Easy Pry
<B>Steck Easy Pry
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: STK21730
    Price: $9.95
    • The Easy Pry Tool removes bezels, moldings and dash emblems, interior door panels, plastic trim along with removal and installation of weather striping without scratching painted surfaces.
    • Easy Pry with its non-marring wedge design has a 1" blade with curved clip end allows for easy access and removal of plastic bezels, moldings, trim and panels without scratching painted surfaces.
    • Durable non-marring wedge made from Polypropylene allows for easy removal and installation of weather stripping.
    • Also works with BigEasy Lockout kits for one handed access to help with the insertion of the Easy Wedge on a locked car door.
    • Saves the technician up to 15 minutes of labor by easily removing and installing weather stripping along with other plastic components and not requiring the technician to refinish scratched surfaces.