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Motor Guard Rocker-Block®
Sanding Block for 6" PSA Disks
Motor Guard Rocker-Block® <BR>Sanding Block for 6" PSA Disks
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    Code: MOTRK1
    Price: $9.45
    The shape is ideal for a wide variety of sanding applications. From heavy, two-handed rough sanding of filler to fine sanding of finish coats. The idea was simple – a sanding block that would fit the most commonly available abrasive paper – the 6” sanding disc. Simply wrap a 6” PSA disc around a perfectly sized pad. The result was more than was expected. It just feels right in the hand. No trimming, no waste and every square inch of the disc available for sanding – just wrap it and rock. A radius edge provides the perfect surface for sanding contours and ridges. The soft outer pad surface forms a perfect bond to the paper and gives just enough for detailed jobs. Plus, it won’t load up with sanding dust. A rigid inner layer maintains pad shape and completely eliminates transfer of finger marks through the pad.