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3M Cavity Wax Applicator Wand Kit
3M Cavity Wax Applicator Wand Kit
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    Code: 3M8851--
    Price: $27.00
    • Uses specialized tips which provides a 360 degree or 180 degree spray pattern for reliable coverage.
    • 24" and 34" wands provide a uniform 360 degree spray pattern to ensure that you are maximizing coverage with each application.
    • 8" tube delivers a powerful stream of material to flood joints and seal them from corrosive elements.
    • Intended for use with 3M™) Cavity Wax Plus, PN08852
    • 3M™ Cavity Wax Plus, PN08852 is an interior corrosion prevention coating for application to automotive bare or primed metals. It remains soft and pliable – will not crack, chip, or peel.
    • Automotive construction, industry organizations and OEMs alike specify the use of cavity wax to prevent corrosion in vehicle repairs. 3M™ Cavity Wax Plus 08852 is a simple and effective way to ensure corrosion protection, one of the most important parts of automotive repairs.
    • Self-healing, corrosion protection for inner body panels, frame rails and structural enclosures.
    • When used according to directions 3M™ Cavity Wax Plus delivers the right amount of flow and wicking, providing consistent and uniform protection for your repair.
    • Eliminates the need for using antiquated and messy bulk spray technology to apply corrosion protection to a vehicle.
    • Provides access to inner body structures with tight tolerances.