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Prep Step .75 lb (Makes 10 Gallons)
Prep Step .75 lb (Makes 10 Gallons)
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: ZRPREP15
    Price: $24.60
    *Convenient easy-to-mix powder formula (Mix with hot water and applied with a spray bottle or a pump sprayer)
    *Softens & cleans existing rust for removal with wire brush
    *Solidifies any remaining tight rust
    *Phosphatizes surface below rust
    *Thoroughly Cleans and Conditions all surfaces of any dirt, oil, grease, silicon and other contaminants
    *Contains no solvents and is completely biodegradable
    *Using prep step will increase the performance of any paint by up to 400%
    *Immediate painting of surface not required - prevents flash rust from occurring for up to 30 days
    *No MSDS required for OSHA
    Makes 10 Gallons when mixed with water.