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SK Pro Mechanic 10 pc Screwdriver Set
<b>SK Pro Mechanic 10 pc Screwdriver Set </b>
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: SK86006W
    Price: $84.48
    10 piece SureGrip Combination Screwdriver Set features a comfortable, square handle design which allows you to generate maximum torque with minimum hand fatigue, even if your hands are greasy. Precision ground and vapor blasted tips help the screwdriver grip the fastener. Hex bolster on most screwdrivers lets you generate extra turning power. Set Contents: 1/4"x.045"x1.52", 1/4"x.050"x3.96", 5/16"x.055"x5.87", 3/8"x.070"x8.00", 3/8"x.070"x9.90", 7/16"x.070"x11.80" SureGrip Round Screwdrivers; #0x2.52", #1x3.00", #2x1.76", #2x4.00" SureGrip Phillips Screwdrivers. Packaged in a plastic tray.