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RBL AutoMask Roll-on Dispenser (Click for Sizes)
RBL AutoMask Roll-on Dispenser (Click for Sizes)
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    Code: RBLAutomask
    Price: $0.00
      Select Width Below
      21" X 115' $19.82
      43" X 115' $34.84
      72" X 115' $41.50
    Lint free! Eliminates risk of masking paper fiber contamination.
    • Anti-static.
    • Ultimate solvent bleed-thru resistance. Even paint stripper can’t penetrate it.
    • Resists heat up to 230°F (110°C).
    • Completely waterproof – wet sand - wet sand - wet sand.
    • AutoMask and Supersized AutoMask Plastic Film is recyclable.
    • AutoMask and Supersized AutoMask system uses high quality, 3_4" & 11_2" automotive grade masking tape.
    • Superior flexibility
    • Resists splitting
    • Easy to remove
    • No adhesive transfer
    • Compactibility – wads up into small, space-saving,throw-away balls. Conserves disposal space up to 70%.