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Makita Sander/Polisher
Makita Sander/Polisher
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: MKT9237CX3
    Price: $270.60
    Makita has enhanced a category leader with the 9237CX3 7 in. Polisher Loop Handle with Wool Pads and Bag. This tool combines consistent power and control with improved durability, and performance features for high-quality polishing and detailing. It has a new rubberized gear housing and loop handle that provides added comfort for you as well as added protection for delicate work surfaces. For increased durability, this polisher includes wire mesh intake covers to prevent wool fibers and other debris from entering the motor. The 9237CX3 is built with comfort features for extended use including a lock-on trigger switch designed for continuous use and the rubberized loop handle that provides a comfortable grip for convenient operation.
    • Variable speed dial and trigger enables you to match the speed to the application
    • Constant speed control maintains constant speed under load
    • Soft start for smooth start-ups and less fling off of polish, wax or paste
    • Rubberized loop handle and gear housing for operator comfort and to help protect delicate surfaces from damage • Wire mesh intake covers to prevent wool fibers from entering the motor
    • Improved cord guard for increased flexibility and longer life
    • Externally accessible brushes for easy serviceability
    • Rubber tool rest for upside down placement of tool when used with the side handle
    • Lock-on button for continuous use operation
    • 3-prong plug to prevent static electricity accumulation • 7 in. Polisher Loop Handle - 9237C
    • 7 in. Backing Pad, Hook-And-Loop - 743052-5
    • 7 in. Hook And Loop Compounding Wool Bonnet - 192629-7
    • 7 in. Hook And Loop Polishing Wool Bonnet - 743403-A
    • Blade Wrench - 783204-6
    • Side Handle - 153489-2
    • 21 in. Contractor Bag - 821016-X