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Jackco 10 Ton Kit
<B>Jackco 10 Ton Kit
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: JAC811
    Price: $222.00
    Great tool at an excellent price. This product is not only priced well but it's also supported well because service and parts are available should you ever need it.

    Part # Discription
    811-1 Blow Mold Case
    811-2 24” Extension Tube
    811-3 21” Extension Tube
    811-4 10” Extension Tube
    811-5 5” Extension Tube
    811-7 Serrated Saddle
    811-11 Spreader Ram
    811-12 3 1/4” Rubber Head
    811-13 Flat Base
    811-14 Spreader Ram Toe
    811-15 Spreader Plunger Toe
    811-16 Wedge Head
    811-17 90° V-Base
    811-18 Connector
    811-40 10 Ton Hydraulic Unit
    811-41 10 Ton, 6” Stroke Ram
    87006 6 Ft. Hose With Half Coupling

    This kit weighs 84 lbs. and is delivered using a freight carrier.  We will call you with the shipping costs.