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Fusor (one component) Seam Sealers $25.76
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<b>Fusor (one component) Seam Sealers $25.76</b><BR>Click Here for Options
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      Black Seam Sealer $25.76
      Gray Seam Sealer $25.76
      Beige Seam Sealer $25.76
      White Seam Sealer $25.76
    Lord Fusor
    LORD Fusor High Definition (HD) Seam Sealers

    • Permanently maintains a high definition appearance, matching OEM quality and look
    • Duplicates all OEM beadable, brushable and sprayable seam sealers, wheelhouse and sound dampening pads
    • Makes use of Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) Technology, and have been recommended by both Chrysler and GM
    • Can be spray applied or applied with a manual caulk gun
    • Fusor HD Sealers meet SAE J400 Chip Resistance testing and are approved to replace underbody coatings on Chrysler vehicles