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Fibre Glass-Evercoat Maxim
Panel Bonding Adhesive
Fibre Glass-Evercoat Maxim<BR> Panel Bonding Adhesive
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: FIB815
    Price: $92.95
    Maxim Panel Bonding Adhesive is a one-to-one epoxy adhesive used for bonding various surfaces. It is used for replacing door skins, roofs, quarter panels, truck bedsides, utility vehicle sides and other non-structural panels. Maxim� Panel Bonding Adhesive has excellent adhesion to SMC, cold rolled steel, aluminum and e-coats. Maxim� Panel Bonding Adhesive is backed with a full lifetime warranty by Fibre Glass-Evercoat. Packaged in a Universal Cartridge: applied with a standard-style, heavy duty caulking gun
    • 1:1 mix ratio
    • Contains glass beads for control of bond line thickness
    • Corrosion resistant properties: eliminates application of epoxy or self-etch primers
    • Excellent working times
    • Superior sag resistance
    • Easy to brush and spread
    • Excellent adhesion to SMC/FRP
    • Cure time can be accelerated with heat