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Dent Fix Hot Stapler
Plastic Repair Tool
Deluxe Kit
Dent Fix Hot Stapler<BR> Plastic Repair Tool<BR> Deluxe Kit
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: DTFDF800BR
    Price: $458.65
    Repair thermoplastic parts instead of replacing with the DF-800BR Hot Stapler Kit. Taylor crafted to be compact, lightweight, and ergonomic. This easy to use plastic repair tool can pay for itself in one use. Kit includes (1) Hot Stapler 110v, (350) StapleClips® (7 different shapes), (5) filler tubes, (1) finishing iron and (1) blow molded case. The plastic fill tubes are finishing purposes. When the staple is applied, there is a small gap where the metal is exposed. The plastic fill rods and finishing iron (a soldering iron with a flat tip) apply melted plastic to the back of the staple, which cools and solidifies. The fill rods process is for cosmetic purposes but also helps to give it added strength. The repair area is sanded and ready to be prepared for coating. Impressive 5 year warranty and proudly made in the USA.

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