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The Stripper - Undercoat and Seam Sealer Remover
<B>The Stripper - Undercoat and Seam Sealer Remover
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: DFXDF701
    Price: $289.95
    The Stripper blasts through the heaviest undercoating, chip guard, and seam sealer in seconds. Not just for undercoating - It throroughly cleans and exposes welds effortlessly, cleans metal of rust, dirt and paint. It is sure to become one your most used tools.
    • Sand blasted results without the cost, mess, or health hazard.
    • Slash time off labor-intensive jobs, and cut equipment and supply costs.
    • Innovative MBX wire brushes strip and clean the substrate while not weakening the metal, or creating excessive heat.
    • Prepares metal to meet specifications for spot weld or MIG wire weld.
    • Wire brushes can be resharpened by reversing the brush and running against a grinding stone.
    • Pin-Stripe Decal Eraser Wheel is perfect for removal of pin-stripes, and even large decals. Gear shaped rubber creates an air cushion that cools the panel avoiding paint damage and keeps the tool from bogging down.
    • Trully a must have any tool box.

    Includes: The Stripper, (3) coarse MBX brushes, (1) Geared Decal Eraser Wheel.