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Airvantage Sander Non Vacuum ( standard ) Model w/ 3/32" throw
Airvantage Sander Non Vacuum ( standard ) Model w/ 3/32" throw
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    Code: AVS61100S
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      3" Hook Face Pad 3/16 throw $149.95
      3" Hook Face Pad 3/32 throw $149.95
      3" Vinyl Face Pad 3/16 Throw $149.95
      3" Vinyl Face Pad 3/32 Throw $149.95
      With 5" Hook Face Pad $129.95
      With 5" Vinyl Face Pad $129.95
      With 6" Vinyl Face Pad $134.95
      With 6" Hook Face Pad $134.95
    The Airvantage with 3/32" action for fine sanding. This little wonder can help you to quickly and easily remove orange peel and other surface imperfections when used in combination with an interface pad and the 3M Finishing Film. This is also an excellent tool for may other jobs that require a random orbital sander.

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