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Axis SP 2003 Three Stage Turbine
<b>Axis SP 2003 Three Stage Turbine</b>
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: ASP033ST
    Price: $740.00
    The Axis Systems Include

    Three or Four Stage Turbine Pump Unit

    20' Of 3/4' Tigerflex Spray Hose. (on three stage)
    40' Of 3/4' Tigerflex Spray Hose. (on four stage)
    4' Whip Hose And 1' Stub HD Hose
    An Apollo Pressure Feed Spraygun
    Your Choice Of Needle/Nozzle Setups (One Included) Quick Disconnect And Air Control Valve.
    'How To Spray' Instruction Guide Instruction Manuals