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Axis Citation 240 - 3 Stage Turbine -
CLICK HERE for Options
<b>Axis Citation 240 - 3 Stage Turbine - <BR>CLICK HERE for Options</b>
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: ACIT240
    Price: $0.00
      Axis Citation 3 Stage for One Man w/ Half Mask $1071.
      Axis Citation 3 Stage for One Man w/ Full Face Mask $1157
      Axis Citation 3 Stage for One Man w/ Direct Feed Hood $1079.50
      Axis Citation 3 Stage for One Man w/ Hood Over Half Mask $1095.
      Axis Citation 3 Stage for Two Men w/ two Half Masks $1224.60
      Axis Citation 3 Stage for Two Men w/ Two Full Face Masks $1388.
      Axis Citation 3 Stage for Two Men w/ One Full Face Mask and One Half Mask $1310.40
      Axis Citation 3 Stage For Two Men w/ Two Direct Feed Hoods $1240.20
      Replace AccuSpray bottom feed gun with gravity feed gun $87
    AIR TO BREATHE - AIR TO PAINT AXIS PRODUCTS, INC. is the only company that makes a system which supplies air to paint and a separate second air pump for cool fresh air to breathe. The patented CITATION FRESH AIR RESPIRATOR and HVLP PAINT SPRAYER. A standard system includes 2-40' hoses, the Apollo Top Feed Gun and Half Facemask -HF01A and belt. Any other options including a two man respirator system can be added for this unit Since its introduction on the market the CITATION HVLP SPRAYER/RESPIRATOR has met and exceeded its expectations! No other spray system can offer the benefits that this system can. Cool Fresh Air to breathe, plenty of atomization for most paint spraying jobs and a professional quality gun. Choose the three stage spray system when spraying materials such as enamel, lacquer, industrial coatings, epoxy, dope and latex paint. For auto finish quality work with polyurethanes and clear coat material, the four stage CITATION system offers the additional power required to achieve the finest finish.


    * Standard One man System Includes:
    * Citation Dual HVLP Pump
    * Two 40' hoses, one sprayer & one respirator
    * Half facemask & belt
    * Bottom Feed HVLP Paint Spray Gun with Quart Cup
    * Complete System and Spray Gun Manual
    * Introductory 'How to" Spray Manual
    * 3 Stage Sprayer Specs:
    * 110-120V VAC, 50/60HZ
    * Amps: 11.5
    * PSI: 5.5
    * One Man Respirator:
    * 110-120V VAC, 50/60 HZ
    * Amps: 1.6
    * Cfm: 7 @ Facemask
    * 110-120V VAC, 50/60HZ

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