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Sure Finish Polishing Pads
<B>Sure Finish Polishing Pads
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: SFPADS
    Price: $0.00
      A. Orange 6.5" Foam Compounding Pad $15.50
      B. Black 6.5" Foam Polishing Pad $14.80
      C. Large 7.5" Wool Compounding Pad $12.00
      D. Large 7.5" High Density Wool Compounding Pad $11.75
      E. Small 6.5" High Density Wool Compounding Pad $11.00
      F. Large 7.5" Backing Plate $22.50
      All the above Sure Finish Pads (save $12.05plus shipping) Total $95.
    High Quality yet inexpensive pads and backing plates that work great together. Click on picture or title to order or see a larger picture.

    A. 6" Orange Foam Pad - Used for light compounding or after cutting with wool to remove swirls
    B. 6" Black Foam Pad - This is a very soft foam that can remove swirls from soft and dark colored paint.
    C. 7.5" Loose Wool Pad - Used for initial cutting after color sanding - Tends to hold more material than High Density Pads.
    D. 7.5" High Density Wool - Used for initial cutting the HD wool will be more stable and controlable on the surface.
    E. 6" High Density Wool - This pad gets into tighter spots, smaller pads have less edge speed and have less tendency to damage paint but cut more slowly
    F. 7.5" Hook and Loop Backing Plate - For mounting the 7.5" pads to the standard 5/8"X11 buffer shaft on most buffers.
    G. 6" Hook and Loop Backing Plate - For mounting the 6" pads to the standard 5/8"X11 buffer shaft on most buffers.

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